Benefits of Full KYC Wallet

Being Full KYC compliant gets you access to a host of amazing benefits

Higher Wallet Balance Limit

Increased Wallet balance limit of INR 2,00,000

Higher Spending Limit

Higher monthly spending limit

Easy Fund Transfers

You can transfer funds to any bank account or other Dhani Pay Prepaid Accounts

Rewards & Cashbacks

FULL KYC customers are eligible to enjoy cashbacks and real cash rewards on the Dhani App

Access to Digital and Physical RuPay Card

KYC customers get digital & physical Dhani RuPay Card which can be used to shop online & offline across 1 Cr+ merchants

Pre-approved Offers

You get access to exciting pre-approved credit, cashback and cash reward offers from Dhani

Ease of applying for other Dhani Products

Instant sanction and activation for other Dhani products

How to become a full KYC Dhani Wallet Customer?

Download the Dhani app

Click on the Prepaid Card tile on the Services page

Complete your KYC using Aadhaar

Start enjoying the benefits of a full KYC Dhani Wallet customer

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